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Meeting at the Southwest Government Center Tonight? by stateofthecommonwealth
December 22, 2008, 8:46 pm
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Apparently there is some sort of Otter Creek Park-related meeting at the Southwest Government Center on Dixie Highway tonight at 7:00 PM. I’ve known about this for a week or two, but finding information about it is incredibly difficult. First, no single group or person has said who is organizing the meeting, what the agenda will be, or what is hoped to be accomplished by meeting on the Monday before a major holiday.

Second, despite repeated please for information on the Save Otter Creek Park Facebook page, no information is forthcoming. We’re hearing today (as you can see on the Facebook group’s wall) that Council Member Doug Hawkins might have something to do with it, or at least has some information, but of course I can’t call during business hours (it’s probably bad enough that I blog during work). There’s no information about the meeting on Hawkins’ web site.

Third, it’s doubtful that anyone in Louisville’s news media knows anything about this meeting, as well, since I haven’t seen anything in the Courier or on any local TV station’s web site about it.

So if you’ve got any information you’re willing to share, now would be the time to do it. Email me at, and I’ll try to get stuff on this site ASAP.

In the meanwhile, it’s probably worth noting that if we’re going to make any headway whatsoever with saving Otter Creek Park — the place that we care so strongly and passionately about — we need to engage not only as many members of the community in Louisville and the surrounding areas, but the local news media (including new media) as well.

The Southwest Government Center is located at:

7219 Dixie Hwy # 106

Of course, there’s no web site.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: Brian Tucker over at the Valley Report has posted some more information:

Interested in what you can do to support Otter Creek Park? Then you will want to be at the Southwest Metro Government Center tonight at 7:00PM. Activist Patsy Bowman is inviting supporters to attend a public meeting to discuss options on how to keep Otter Creek open. Ms. Bowman has invited the Secretary of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet to attend.

This is an excellent opportunity for concerned citizens to gather in a warm place to trade ideas on how to save the park.

And special thanks to Doug Hawkins for sending out an email blast on the subject.

So that’s a little more helpful.


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