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Friends of Otter Creek Park Meeting TOMORROW, January 26th by joelhunt
January 25, 2009, 9:39 pm
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The next Friends of Otter Creek Park meeting will be tomorrow, Monday, January 26th, at 7 PM at the Southwest Government Center at 7219 Dixie Highway (click here for a map).

This meeting’s focus will be on the Sub-Committees formed at the last meeting on January 5th. The Sub-Committees are:

1. Petitions and Volunteering
2. Public Relations and Media
3. Non-Profit and Charity Outreach
4. Government Liaison
5. Legal Issues and Liability Policy
6. Friends of Otter Creek Park Bylaws
7. Special Interest Groups

After a brief introduction at the beginning of the meeting, we will divide into these Sub-Committees to work on a plan of action for each, for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. After this group workshop time, the larger group will reconvene and the Sub-Committees will report on what they’re planning. If you’ve signed up for more than one Sub-Committee, there should be ample time to work in more than one.

If you CANNOT attend tomorrow’s meeting, you may want to consider attending the first of Mayor Abramson’s Community Conversations tomorrow night to express your support for reopening Otter Creek Park at Westport Middle School, 8100 Westport Road, in the East End (click here for a map). The Mayor’s Community Conversation begins at 6:30 PM.


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How come now the amount thrown around for closing Otter Creek park is now at $500,000 when back in December it was $180,000 (as per the mayor’s office). This is a significant difference. Can we see the open books since Louisville is a public city?

Quote from the December 2nd news release referencing a savings of $180,000 (vs. $500,000 now):

“Abramson cut $3.4million in services as part of his budget-balancing plan, including closing library branches, community centers and the city’s only indoor swimming pool one day a week (saving $297,000 collectively); closing Otter Creek Park ($180,000); and reducing grants to arts programs ($511,000).”

Comment by Kevin Johnson

As far as I understand it, the $500,000 amount is the deficit that Otter Creek Park runs every year, and the $180,000 amount is what Louisville will save by closing Otter Creek Park. So they’re two different things, but unfortunately some media outlets in Louisville don’t seem savvy enough to report that (though I could be wrong).

Comment by stateofthecommonwealth

If you really look at it they are losing more than $500,000 yearly by closing the park and allowing the buildings, roads and trails to deteriorate.

Comment by jackson05

The $500k is the deficit the park operations has every year. The actual budget for the park has not been released. The Mayor is searching for an independent operator to take over. If this happens it will most likely be a for profit corp. Fees will go up dramaticaly and contruction of a golf course is inevitable. That would ruin the park as we now know it. Many trees would have to be taken down and TONS of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer would be used. Plus, the constant roar of mowers! This would close a huge portion of the park to all non golfers. If we, as a group, could come up with a plan to supply the $500K, the Mayor would have no reason to keep the park closed or, turn it over to some corp. Our only hope is to preserve the park the way it is! See you tonight. Tim

Comment by Tim Keith

I have no problem paying a fee to use the trails as I do this whenever I go to Indiana as they charge a fee when entering the park, they also charge a fee to camp in the park and another fee to use the horseback trails in the park. The usage fee for the horseback trail fee goes into maintaining the trails of which I don’t have problem with.
If the powers at be would stop and see how much money is the public actually spends on their hobby whether it is hiking, biking, or horseback riding and most of it is spent before we head out to the park, gas, food or whatever. The local grocery store, gas station is losing money also.
Would love to be there at the meeting but it falls on the same night as the horse auction in Shepherdsville, Ky.
Maybe if you would take into consideration of the horse people and schedule them on a different night than the sale in Shepherdsville, more people would show up.

Comment by jackson05

I dont know if this will help but I have a ideal.The City of Shepherdville put a place a restaurant tax of 2% or 3% to help a short budget.Stop and think about it for a second that would help the short fall in the budget no police fire or parks departments would be hurt at all .My wife and I love Otter Creek and would love to see it reopened . Family should be the most important thing to anyone in the city and what is better than a family sitting around a camp fire. The mayors office should stop and think police fire and parks is the greatest thing to families in louisville thanks for reading

Comment by steve welker

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